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Friday, 7 March 2014

Winter Tenby , Mixed Media 16"by11"

Again this was done with the same working method as below...the essentials that attracted me to this scene were:
1. The dark foreground foil.
2. The soft graduated tone of the beach
3. the typically winter colours of the sunlit landscape.
4.The marvellously dark grey clouds
Theres something really poignant about a winter sunlit landscape...like its a pathetic attempt at reverie....bit like that feeling I used to get as a teenager on a Sunday afternoon when I knew I hadn't done my maths homework for Monday.......


Sheila Vaughan said...

Simon your observations always make me laugh out loud, they hit the "truth" nerve! Your process sounds "sound" and is evidently paying off. There is a freshness there to rival any plein air piece. You know when to stop and your darks are as vibrant as your lights. Loads of energy and feeling in these. Thank you for giving me Tenby in winter. I only ever saw it at the height of summer (well - medium height, this being the British Isles).

Simon Jones said...

Thanks for dropping by Sheila...this truth business, heard a great quote recently something to the effect " the more personal an observation is, paradoxically its also more universal"...either that or we are all equally strange.