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Monday, 23 November 2015

Soane Museum Painting Process.

Showing painting process for the watercolour "Soane Museum Interior" below.
Double click on video to enlarge.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

"Soane Museum Library" watercolour approx A2 size.

Watercolour "Soane Museum Library"..am doing a painting demo for the lovely people of Bargoed Art Club...I thought I had better have a dummy run before do this in public.
Note all these paintings are for sale, message me on FB or email:simon@simonjonesandassociates.co.uk.

8am Abbey Terrace Llandeilo...approx A3 size

Watercolour, "8am Abbey Terrace Llandeilo" I have managed to keep this one reasonably fresh and unlaboured...think there's more right than wrong about it...mind you there would be things I would change if i was to redo it. All these paintings are for sale, message on Facebook for details.or email simon@simonjonesandassociates.co.uk  .

Friday, 6 November 2015

Sunset from Llandeilo Bridge

Watercolour, approx A4 " Sunset from Llandeilo Bridge" this painting had a difficult development...not as fresh as I would have liked...hey ho..I think every mark you make on the paper carries with it the intention...so some of these marks are kind of random and searching...some are rather hopeful...some are rather pretentious...some are derivative..its the accidental ones that are the best, hey ho.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Watercolour, approx A3 size" Sunrise from Llandeilo Bridge".

Watercolour, approx A3 size, "8am Cafe Braz, Llandeilo" Nice townscape on the right of the painting, but its the two dark windows on the left that i find the most interesting. Am also posting paintings on my Facebook page..its called "Simon Jones" not surprisingly...I think a lot of other artists are also making the move to FB there seems to be more traffic, hence more interaction there...so any other painters add me as a friend on FB please.