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Thursday, 2 July 2009



Sheila Vaughan said...

Simon, good to see these latest paintings, strong structures and a lot of mood! You have retained beautiful fluid brush work as well. Great stuff!

picaro said...

Hello. They have given me the Lemniscata prize. It's given for the blogs.
I have to choose 15 interesting blogs now, and pass the prizes to them.
Your blog is one of the blogs I have chosen, to put the prize in your page you have to enter my blog, copy the image of the prize and stick it in yours.
Also you will have to choose other blogs of your interest to pass the prize to others.

Simon Jones said...

Hi Picaro
thanks for the Lemniscata prize, problem is if everybody sends it to another 15 people, there wont be anybody left shortly. So maybe I am going to bask in its glory while its still fairly exclusive!