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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Something beyond the Mini Roundabout.

Have changed the crop of this painting as I think it looked too symmetrical, too conventional and picturesque, prefer the off balance feel of this.


Don Gray said...

Simon, this is so evocative. You're pursuing some very subtle and elusive ideas/effects in these recent paintings, and succeeding admirably.

Simon Jones said...

Thanks a lot for the comments Don, glad to know you think I am on the right path. I concur greatly with your recent comments on your inability to stick to a single "style", and realise my work can likewise be split into intuitive paintings which are a process and a journey, and secondly the more "realist " works which have a definite goal.

Vicente Herrero said...

Simon, you want to come to the essence of the painting.
Painting, painting.
Of there to the abstract fodder that there is few distance.

Simon Jones said...

Hola Vicente, las disculpas, pero no puedo entender tus comentarios, mi español es muy malo, por favor, se puede utilizar http://translate.google.com/ #, parece que para traducir a la perfección. Entonces, podemos entender mejor

Hi Vincente, apologies but I can not understand your comments, my spanish is very bad, please can you use http://translate.google.com/# , it seems to to translate perfectly. Then we can understand each other better.

Linny D. Vine said...

I like this one, Simon, and I like the way that I'm aware of looking more deeply with this painting.

Simon Jones said...

Thanks Linny, I intended the second version (Above) to have more expressive brushstrokes, for the painting to let the medium have more of a natural say. But second version has ended up with less rather than more expressive application, oh well, an opportunity missed.