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Wednesday, 19 August 2009



Art with Liz said...

Absolutely love your work Simon.

Simon Jones said...

Many thanks Liz.

Vicente Herrero said...

Hello Simon, I am following your work, and I think that the measures of the picture it is interesting to know.
Sorry is to meddle in yours matters.

Simon Jones said...

Hi Vicente, this quite small 25 by 15 cms, thanks for the intrest

Isabel said...

Hola Simon!!! me encanta tu blog...Felicidades por tus obras... son preciosas, te voy siguiendo, Un abrazo.

Simon Jones said...

Hola Isabel, gracias por las palabras buenas:
Hello Isabel, thanks for the kind words:
"Hello Simon! blog enchants to me your… Congratulations by your works… are precious, I am to you following, a hug."