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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Dinefwr Castle, Watercolour, A3 size.

Historic Welsh castle, taken over by the Normans, then the Welsh a few times, home of the Lord Rhys, founder of the first Eisteddfod (Cultural competition), its a couple of miles from my house.


Sheila Vaughan said...

Another good one Simon - takes a lot of skill to use water colour like this. I am always scared to death of it.

Simon Jones said...

Well yes, also a non precious attitude, John Blockley was a big hero of mine, his loose approach contained instructions like, "then I used the edge of my pullover to drag the paint along". Strangely he too came from a commercial background, as did another fantasic watercolourist Ron Ranson, who would normally , reduce a scene into 3 tones with thumbnail sketch, then produce a superb airy painting in about 20 minutes.
For this painting I used house painting brushes and the wrong end of the brush, and tried not to take it too seriously, if you think too much instinct and your subconcious refuse to engage.

Carolann said...

This one makes me think, why have I never been to Wales!