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Monday, 17 November 2008

Dryslwyn garage

Disused garage in sunset.


Stephen Magsig said...

Simon, This is wonderful!

Simon Jones said...

Thanks a lot Stephen for the comment.Predictably youve picked a nostalgic industrial scene, in low sun.
This one attempts to bring together my 2 favourite dead painters, Hopper and de Chirico.
Great to hear from you, I have been stalking your blog for a while.

Mike Parkes said...

Simon, agree with Stephen this is very nice. You have captured the mystery in this place, made time stand still. Keep up the great work!

Simon Jones said...

Thanks Mike, saw this place regularly when driving home in evening light. Found out yesterday that Hopper used to sketch from a moving car, presumably with his wife driving, I have tried taking pics from same, but by the time you have seen a bit of magic the composition has changed.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Great painting Simon. I thought I had commented on this but obviously I hadn't. I'd love to see some more "day time" ones although you handle dusk and gloom brilliantly. I just love the colours you use in the daytime scenes.

Simon Jones said...

Hi Sheila
thanks a lot for your comment and happy new year to you too. I see you have been pretty industrious over Christmas, I was just consumed heroic quantities of food and alcohol. Well I did a couple of paintings, but they are very middling. Sunny scenes, well I am about to post a couple of old paintings, I cant seem to paint out of season, it has to be recent.